We Be Divin’

In a recent trip to Tortola in the British Virginia Islands, I went diving with ‘We Be Divin’. It was AWESOME!

As a certified PADI dive shop, they were very professional and safety was their first priority. Second only to safety, came ensuring that we all had a great time regardless of our experience level.

Our group had seven divers and three dive guides, and we visited two dive sites. Originally, we were supposed to dive the RMS Rhone, a 150 year old ship wreck, but the seas would not allow it as the currents were too strong. This was my first clue that ‘We Be Divin’ kept safety their first priority as they informed us we would be going to different locations due to rough seas.
The new locations were great, very nice! Both spots had beautiful fish and awe inspiring rock and coral formations. But, unfortunately, the marine life that morning was limited primarily to coral fish; however, some of the fish I had never seen on previous Caribbean dives and was pleased to see them. On the second dive, we did encounter a large Caribbean Lobster that was sure to not let us out of its sites.

Prior to entering the water off the boat, while stopped and anchored, the guides briefed us on that location; the rout we would take while diving, marine life in the area, hand sign review, safety stop procedure, and of course asked if we had any questions or concerns. I was anxious to get in the water, but what was five extra minutes on the boat when it could be the difference between a GREAT dive, or a tragic one? It’s nothing!

We exited the boat one by one into the water. As we stept up to the edge the guide reminded us to hold our mask and regulator with our right hand, and hold the weight belt with our left, then off we went with a big step forward. In the water, we gathered as a group prior to descending.
Once we were all in and situated, we began our descent- down we went. There was ample visibility; I’d say 100 ft or more. The locations were fairly shallow ranging from about 10 ft to 40-ish ft. This was a big difference from the Rhone location which sits in 80 and 30 ft (bow, stern respectively). But I was not diving that day to beat previous, personal, depth records.

The currents were strong, very strong, but only on one side of each dive location. We were warned during the dive briefing on the boat that we would encounter them. So, we were prepared for it.

The experience level between the seven of us in the group ranged from years and years, to just a couple years (me). I was the least experienced diver in the group by far, but ‘We Be Divin’ did not care. Luckily, the other six divers were fine with it as well. Considering buyouncey control is a big problem with most new divers, I was pleased to know that all was good with this group.

Overall, my experience with ‘We Be Divin’ was FANTASTIC! From the time I walked into their quaint shop, all the way until the boat was back in the marina, I had a great time. I never felt unsafe, I never felt like they were not knowledgeable about diving and their locations, and I never felt like I wasn’t getting my monies worth.

Will I return to Tortola? Absolutely! Will I dive with ‘We Be Divin’ again? With out a doubt! 

Thank you to all the staff at ‘We Be Divin’! I will be back.

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