They call me Maverick

…actually, they don’t. But it was a nice title I thought. 😆

So…I’m not Maverick, and I don’t fly an F-14 Tomcat, but I love aviation and do fly planes.

Since my late teens I have had a dream and desire to learn to fly. Finally, after 15 years, I decided to go for it. I have loved every second of it, well worth the money.

Do you know how to make a million dollars in aviation? Start with two….this is the only caveat to flying- it’s expensive! Worth it in my opinion, but expensive. Money is primarily what took me so long to learn; $50 per hour for instructor fees, $100 to $130 per hour for the plane (most likely a Cessna 172 for training).

With that said, I wouldn’t take the money back for nothing unless it could be used to buy more hours in a cockpit. 

Flying above the ground; no bumper-to-bumper traffic, no stop lights, PHENOMENAL views, pretty quick speeds, etc…it’s great! It’s just you and your few passengers enjoying the sensation of flight, as well as the excellent views you can only get from a few thousand feet AGL (above ground level).

As a kid I loved flying commercially; my favorite part was the take-off and landing. To this day I still require a window seat as the view from 30,000 ft is pretty damn cool.Night flying? The best! All the city lights, or in rural areas, the sporadic lights of homes with people still awake in them…wouldn’t trade any of it.

There is so much about aviation that is incredible; from the special club you are now apart of, to the thrill of giving it full throttle at the end of a runway to take-off. Too much to say in one single blog post.

I wanted to simply tip the iceberg with this post. I will most definitely be sharing more stories shortly…stay tuned!

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