It’s been about five long, and lonely weeks since I’ve flown. 

But, that’s all behind me come Saturday…YAY! I’ve got two flights; Saturday and Sunday for about three hours each day.

I will have two GoPros set up to get some good footage of the flights; I think I’m going to experiment with different angles. If you have a favorite GoPro mounting location when you fly, let me know.

Sometime within the next month or so I would like to take the Advanced Diver course; one more step toward becoming a dive instructor. 

Here in Denver we are limited on Dive locations (obviously), so the first half of the Advanced Diver course- with the dive shop I do my training with- is at the Denver Aquarium. 

So, instead of training in a murkey and cold lake, we get to train amongst sharks, and other cool marine life at the Aquarium. Then, it’s off to a big crater in Utah to finish the required training for the Advanced Certification at later date.

The Utah crater is very deep, very clear, and VERY VERY warm. I’m looking forward to checking that out; I’ve never dove in a crater before, lol. Have you?

My goals for flying and diving have always been to make it to the instructor level for both. Each level requires time and a lot of studying, but time well spent for sure.

Remember how you make a million dollars in aviation? You start with 2…

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