Time and time again I hear, “I would travel, but the flights are so expensive”.

There are 2 solutions to that problem: 1) Drive. 2) If you can’t drive, then shop around.

Driving is not always an option; such as, flying over sea’s, or maybe you just hate driving long distances like I do. Either way, there are options. You just have to FLY SMART.

The airline industries are full of little secrets that not everyone is aware of. I will share with you a few of them, and yes, I have used these myself more than once. It is not cheap to fly, no one is arguing that. However, you can certainly get the fares down to a manageable expense, regardless of budget.

The goal in budget traveling is to get creative.

Secret #1: One way flights

There is nothing in the ‘Commercial Flying Training Book’ that says you have to purchase round trip airfare. In fact, you might be able to save quite a bit of money by purchasing one way tickets.



Different airlines charge different prices for different flights. What I mean is: if you are flying from Denver to Phoenix, United might charge ‘X’ amount, while Southwest might charge ‘Y’ amount, and American may charge ‘Z’ amount. So, looking around at one way air fares via multiple airlines, might prove to be beneficial.

Secret #2: Be flexible with your times

Let’s say you had your heart content on a flight at 8:30 a.m, by changing that time to say, 10:30 a.m., you might save a few bucks. Or even better, check out the red eye flights (overnight or late night) for even more savings.


Most people would prefer not to fly red eyes, but the airlines still want to fill every seat possible, on every single flight…simple economics.

Secret #3: Fly light

This should be a PRIORITY #1 for any poor fella, like me, that travels with multiple females (like me). I have a wife, a 12 year old daughter, and a 3 year old daughter. We cannot travel for a week with anything less than enough clothes, sandals, shoes, makeup, hair ties, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, etc, for an entire month.  God forbid my 3 year old doesn’t bring her favorite animal, or worse, god forbid my wife doesn’t pack 3 changes of clothes for each day we will be gone…We are an airlines dream come true in terms of baggage fees.

But, you can cut big baggage fees by traveling light. Pack only what you need, and those fees will be slashed in half. Or, travel with Southwest where baggage fly’s free.


…Absolutely no need.

The end goal

Ultimately, people travel to see wonderful places, meet cool people, eat good food, and explore what many will never get to explore.

Is it imperative that you fly in the morning? Do you care if you take multiple different airlines to get there and back? Is it life threatening if you don’t have 3 changes of clothes for each day you will be gone? I think not…

Travel because you want to travel, be creative in how you get there. Once you’re there, let the vacation begin.

I have only outlined just a few of the many secrets that are out there. A simple Google search will bring up many ideas for you to utilize on your next trip.

These are not fool proof secrets as the airlines make very little sense with their pricing techniques. Fares can change in as little as an hour, then another hour later change right back to where they started. Don’t be trigger happy with your desktop mouse; shop a little, for a few days even, and you will find great deals.

Happy flying!

5 thoughts on “FLY SMART

  1. GoneGlobelle says:

    An interesting perspective. I always find buying plane tickets one way Much more expensive than buying a return. One major tip that I’d say would be to ensure you book your flight well in advance as the later you leave it, the higher the prices.


    • Sir Dive and Fly says:

      I just looked at flights the other day to Rome. Round trip on American was about $1900, and the one way just to Rome was about the same….I don’t understand it, but I understand your point. Also, for domestic flights, the “best” (big quotation marks) time to buy is 49 days prior…for Europe it’s about 100 days…those are just averages.


      • GoneGlobelle says:

        I guess it is luck and the timing. Apparently during the holidays if you are looking for flights they go up. I travel from the UK, perhaps the flight prices are different here as managed to get a very good price in Oz booking about 6 months in advance but as it came closer, I monitored the prices and it just kept going up. Hopefully you manage to figure it out šŸ˜Š


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