I practiced some go around’s at Centennial Airport this past Saturday. It’s always a GOOD idea to practice scenarios like this, because they can happen at any time. If your skills aren’t up to par, then bad stuff can happen.

A “Go Around” is simple: when directed, give it full throttle, take carb heat out, start climbing, and once the aircraft is stable and safely flying, start reducing the flaps. The most important thing to remember is to FLY THE PLANE!! I had trouble with this when I first started flying. My instructor would get so mad at me because I was worried about responding to ATC with “Go around for 123XYZ”. He would tell me “FLY THE PLANE!!”, and to not worry about responding to ATC until I have the aircraft under control.

So now, I practice them. Even in a practice situation, without being told to go around, you still FLY THE PLANE first, before letting ATC know you’re going around. Think about it…isn’t it kind of obvious to the tower that you’re going around? After all, they can see you from up there pretty easily.

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