An important thing to note, that I did not mention in FLY SMART, is that according to a study by, there are many different time periods to purchase airfare depending on where you are going.

For example: they say that when flying to Europe, 120 days prior to departure is the best time to look for air fare. When flying domestically, the best time is 54 days prior. When flying to Asia, the best time is 160 days…etc etc.

I have ran across other studies on this same topic that said 49 days prior to departure was the best time to purchase domestic flights. So, it seems there is a solid time frame in which this really does work.

There is no guarantee when purchasing airfare, and makes that clear. However, their study was done using 1.2 million fares purchased.

Take a look at the article below.

Best Time to Buy Flights

Happy flying!

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